Opening Range Breakout Trading System (part 6/7)

Here we are to update the results of the trading system to date. Unfortunately, the equity line has stopped rising and the trading system is no longer profitable. In the past I really used this trading system when the equity line was still up-trending, but only in the last part, then I abandoned it when the system showed that it was no longer working.

Equity Trading System Long & Short ORB FTSE-MIB 2007-2017

It may be that it will be profitable again, but I think the the FTSE MIB future has changed its behavior and that a breakout logic like that used in this trading system will no longer be profitable.

Let’s have a look at each side of the equity line.

Equity Trading System Long ORB FTSE-MIB 2007-2017

The long side is going lateral, but you have to take in consideration that no fee is calculated, so the real performance is more bad.

Equity Trading System Short ORB FTSE-MIB 2007-2017

The same holds for the short side, but it is more erratic.

Statistics Trading System Long ORB FTSE-MIB 2007-2020
Profit Table Trading System Long ORB FTSE-MIB 2007-2020

The profit table shows clearly how much the things have changed in worst. But again no fee is considered. In the next post I will illustrate the component of an ORB trading system and how they can change in order to shape the logic to be feasible to the market.

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